Posh Solus MK2 Bath 1675 x 755mm White

$900.00 + Installation Costs

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 Finish Colour: White 

Material: Fibreglass Reinforced Acrylic 

Technical Information 

Waste Position: End

Size and Dimensions 

Height: 399 mm 

Width: 755 mm   

Length: 1675 mm 

Capacity: 210 ltr 

Height of Lip: 42 mm  

Internal Depth: 395 mm   

Waste Size: 40 mm  

Weight: 18 kg   

Weight of Bath Filled: 218.00 kg 

Other Size Options: 1520mm 


Domestic Use: 10 Years 

Replacement Warranty: 10 Years 

Spare Parts and Labour: 12 Month


• Measure the width of the bath and identify whether it is freestanding or in-built 

• To supply and install in-built bath and client supplied tapware on sand/cement base including timber batons  

NOTE: This does not include supply of tapware or P+W 

• NOTE: This allowance is for a bath to be installed without any major modifications to waste pipe,  adjustments to unsquared walls or incorrect sizing of bath. These works can include; jackhammering and removing of concrete to align bath waste, reinforcing weak walls, recessing bath into wall and pre-existing blockages. Should we encounter any of the above it will be quoted onsite 

• NOTE: Whilst we take the utmost care in removing the existing bath such things as tiles, flooring, plaster, sheeting, brickwork and paint etc. may be brittle and extras maybe incurred for any patching that potentially may be required on completion. 

• To remove all rubbish to client/tenant’s bin only (see bath removal costs below) 

• To test thoroughly and provide before and after photo’s 

• Please ensure tenant/client has left work area tidy prior to us attending 

Additional Extras 

• To remove bath from site; cast iron $120+, pressed steel $80+, fiber glass $60+ 

• To supply and install Posh Bristol bath set add an extra $150+ 

• To supply and install mixer tap – see page on mixers 

• To supply and install Base P+W add an extra $50+ 

• No allowance for asbestos removal or any other hazardous material that may be revealed upon removal of existing bath


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